Health cluster group organizes clean-up drive in Sitio Ilaya, Mabilog na Bundok, Lobo, Batangas

Lack of physical activity among community members and inadequate waste management were among the key health and wellness problems raised by the residents of Sitio Ilaya located in Brgy. Mabilog na Bundok, Lobo, Batangas.

Hitting two birds with one stone

A health cluster group organized through the Community-based Health and Wellness Program (CBHWP) of HFI’s flagship program, ALAGA KA (Alay sa Ginhawa at Kalusugan) in Sitio Ilaya initiated a monthly clean-up drive starting last May, where residents can do brisk walking, range-of-motion exercises, and stretching while picking up plastic wastes along the way. 

Cluster member picking up waste on the street
A cluster member picking up waste along the way

While this activity primarily responds to the residents’ need for better physical health, the Sitio Ilaya monthly clean-up drive is also an opportunity for the estimated 30 households in the area to achieve not only one but several dimensions of wellness. 

Holistic wellness

This intervention also taps on the mental and emotional health needs of the community by bringing them closer, especially during these difficult times where social relationships are challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cluster members picking up trash by the roadside
The clean-up drive aims to achieve not only one but several dimensions of wellness including physical, environmental, and social wellness

True to its mission to create communities of wellness, the ALAGA KA’s CBHWP aims to empower and mobilize the communities towards achieving their shared health goals. 

Through the creation of cluster groups composed of neighboring households, residents in the communities are able to identify common pain points and collectively plan and implement effective and inclusive solutions at the community level. 

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