Barangay health stations serve as the most accessible and affordable site for primary health care of low-income rural communities across the Philippines. While there are 42,001 barangays (Philippine Statistics Authority, 2023) in the country, the Department of Health lists only 25,859 barangay health stations. A majority of which, in marginalized communities, are either in dilapidated and rundown conditions or lacking in terms of equipment, supplies and personnel.

Health Futures Foundation, Inc. (HFI) aims to address this great deficit and health inequity through its banner program called ALAGA KA or ALay sa Ginhawa At KAlusugan. The program aims to create health empowered and self-reliant communities living in an improved, efficient, healthy, and organized locality that provides equity and quality health care. It has three main pillars:

  1. Establishment of an infrastructure for access to primary health care services
  2. Implementation of a Community-Based Health and Wellness Program
  3. Provision of inclusive and sustainable livelihood opportunities

Where we are today

From the renovation of what became our initial pilot site in Malabanan, Balete, Batangas in 2011, to the very construction of a brand new barangay health station in Barake, Aborlan, Palawan in 2013, ALAGA KA has witnessed significant strides in both its infrastructure and community-based health program development. As of 2023, 24 ALAGA KA Barangay Health Stations have been turned over to communities in Batangas, Palawan, Samar, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, and South Cotabato. In addition, seven (7) more Barangay Health Stations are expected to be constructed in 2024 in Tarlac and Nueva Ecija.

Community-Based Health and Wellness Program

Community-Based Health and Wellness Program

More than infrastructure, HFI believes in the empowerment of communities and its constituents through:

  • Preventive and promotive health mobilizations
  • Organization of health cluster groups in the community
  • Training of health cluster leaders and barangay health workers
  • Health promotion sessions
  • Provision of nursing and midwifery scholarships to indigenous peoples; and
  • Establishment of community medicinal and food gardens


IPI Foundation, Inc. & Midwife Kit

To guarantee that ALAGA KA barangay heath stations are equipped with medical equipment and supplies for maternal deliveries, HFI partnered with IPI Foundation, Inc. for the provision of ten (10) midwife kits. One midwife kit contains essential medical instruments, supplies, and medicines, which can support up to 50 deliveries.

The following ALAGA KA areas were the beneficiaries of this:
Tinabanan Health Station in Marabut, Samar; Palactad Health Station in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar; Asgad Health Station in Salcedo, Eastern Samar
Barake Health Station in Aborlan, Palawan; Looc Health Station in Balete, Batangas; Inalad Health Station in Motiong, Samar; Inagawan Health Station in Puerto Princesa Palawan; Cagdara-o Health Station in Guiuan, Eastern Samar; Tag-alag Health Station in Marabut, Samar; Brgy. 5 Poblacion Health Station in Capul, Northern Samar;

Solar Energy Foundation & Give a solar suitcase program

To ensure that ALAGA KA barangay health stations are well-lighted during power interruptions; especially during maternal labor and delivery, HFI collaborated with the Solar Energie Foundation for the installation of solar suitcases for ALAGA KA barangay health stations in Samar. Three ALAGA KA areas received solar suitcases; part of which were: Tinabanan Health Station in Marabut, Samar; Palactad Health Station in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar; and Asgad Health Station in Salcedo, Eastern Samar.

BDO Foundation, Inc. and BDO Unibank, Inc. & Computers for ALAGA KA Barangay Health Stations

To increase the capacities of barangay health workers in terms of using technology in the ALAGA KA barangay health stations, HFI received 14 computer sets from BDO Foundation, Inc. and BDO Unibank, Inc. These sets are used by the ALAGA KA health workers to encode and store health data of the barangay.

Library Renewal Partnership & ALAGA KA Reading Areas

To provide books and educational materials to communities in support of its literacy and governance programs, HFI coordinated with Library Renewal Partnership for the provision of books for the ALAGA KA Barangay Health Stations. The one in Looc, Balete, Batangas was the first beneficiary of the collaboration.

Provision of Free Medicines to ALAGA KA communities

To augment the scarcity of medicines in ALAGA KA areas, HFI has partnered with Ambica International Corporation for the provision of free medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

Distribution of Free Vitamin A, Deworming Medicines, and Prenatal Supplements to ALAGA KA Areas

To ensure continuous and timely provision of Vitamin A and deworming medicines to children under 5 years old and prenatal vitamins and supplements of pregnant women, HFI partnered with Vitamin Angels for the free distribution of the mentioned commodities in ALAGA KA areas