HFI Distributes ALAGA KA Kits to the BHWs and Cluster Leaders of Brgy. Luya, San Luis, Batangas

As COVID-19 persists in the communities, it is ideal that the community members are regularly and properly monitored by health workers to ensure their safety from the virus and other health threats that may affect their overall wellbeing.

To make this possible, our community and volunteer health workers must also be equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, and skills that assure quality health service delivery on the ground.

In pursuit of this goal, Health Futures Foundation, Inc. (HFI) distributed ALAGA KA Kits to the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) and Cluster Leaders (CLs) of Brgy. Luya, San Luis, Batangas last 10 November 2021.

HFI-ALAGA KA Kits-BHW-Cluster Leaders-2
The BHWs and CLs showing off their new clock from their ALAGA KA bag


Each ALAGA KA Kit contains a Blood Pressure (BP) apparatus, thermometer, clock, tape measure, and pulse oximeter. In addition to this, ALAGA KA Bags and shirts were also given to the BHW and CL recipients. These tools are essential for vital signs assessment which include BP taking, temperature taking, oxygen saturation taking, and waistline measurement (for waist to hip ratio).

Prior to the distribution of the ALAGA KA kits, the BHWs and CLs were also taught by ALAGA KA Community Health Nurse (CHN) Ms. Angeline Dela Cruz on how to do the proper vital signs assessments.

HFI-ALAGA KA Kits-BHW-Cluster Leaders-1
The BHWs and CLs checking out their new thermometer
HFI-ALAGA KA Kits-BHW-Cluster Leaders-3
BHW and CL recipients trying out the new BP apparatus included in the ALAGA KA Kit

Now equipped with new knowledge and tools, the BHWs and CLs of Brgy. Luya are expected to deliver better quality health services to the members of their respective communities and assigned areas.

HFI-ALAGA KA Kits-BHW-Cluster Leaders-4
Luya BHWs and CLs poses in front of the Luya ALAGA KA Barangay Health Station (BHS) after the distribution of ALAGA KA kits on 10 November 2021


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This initiative is part of HFI’s Community-based Health and Wellness Program (CBHWP) which aims to empower the communities and its constituents by conducting preventive and promotive health mobilizations, organizing wellness cluster groups, providing training for Cluster Leaders (CLs) and Barangay Health Workers (BHWs), provisioning nursing and midwifery scholarships to Indigenous Peoples (IPs), and establishing community medicinal and food gardens, among others.


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