Almost 5,000 Pansol residents now have access to free and quality primary health care

Most low-income and marginalized communities in the country struggle to achieve total health and wellness due to the absence of health facilities that provide free, accessible, and quality primary health care services for everyone.

Fortunately, the situation turned around for Brgy. Pansol, Taal, Batangas as a new Barangay Health Station (BHS) finally opens its doors for its residents and nearby communities.

The Pansol BHS soft open last 08 July 2021, with the presence of Pansol Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) and Community Health Nurse (CHN) Khrystynne Manalo ready to serve almost 5,000 residents of Brgy. Pansol and its catchment areas.

New ALAGA KA Pansol BHS is now open and fully-equipped
BHWs are now able to measure the height of children accurately
BHWs assisting the patient inside the new ALAGA KA Pansol BHS

The said BHS is among the 8 target sites for the new health stations of Health Futures Foundation, Inc. (HFI) under its flagship program, ALAGA KA (Alay sa Ginhawa at Kalusugan).

On 21 July 2021, teleconsultations were also piloted at the Pansol BHS to ensure safe and quality health service delivery amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pilot run, HFI Chairman Dr. Jimmy Galvez Tan provided free teleconsultations to the residents in need of medical attention and service.

ALAGA KA CHN Khrystynne Manalo orients patients for the pilot run of teleconsultations
ALAGA KA BHW receives a patient and conducts an initial assessment prior to teleconsultation
ALAGA KA BHW takes the vital signs of a patient for teleconsultation

The teleconsultations initiative will be rolled out to other ALAGA KA BHS sites in Batangas this 2021 and will be operated by their respective BHWs with the support of ALAGA KA CHNs.

ALAGA KA CHN Khrystynne endorsing patients to HFI Chairman Dr. Jimmy
Another teleconsultation session with a patient inside the ALAGA KA Pansol BHS
Doc Jimmy virtually communicating with a patient during one of the teleconsultation sessions

In partnership with Sun Life Foundation, the construction of these BHS in Batangas aims to provide access to primary health care through the construction of Barangay Health Stations (BHS) and implementation of Community-based Health and Wellness Programs (CBHWP).

With these interventions, the project is expected to benefit 25,000 individuals, mostly from the far-flung barangays and marginalized communities.

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