New ALAGA KA Barangay Health Station set to open in Brgy. Pansol, Taal, Batangas

One of the barriers to healthcare that low-income communities face is the lack of available and accessible centers offering free and quality primary healthcare services that are inclusive to the poor and underprivileged.

This is why the Barangay Health Station (BHS) in Pansol, Taal, Batangas, 1 of the 8 target sites of HFI under its flagship program, ALAGA KA (Alay sa Ginhawa at Kalusugan), is now being prepared for its upcoming soft opening this year.

Pansol BHS Health workers' area
A peek at the soon-to-be health workers’ station inside the Pansol Barangay Health Station (BHS)
Another photo of the Pansol BHS health workers' area
Pansol BHS health workers’ station captured from a different angle

Furniture and equipment were already delivered to the newly constructed BHS, while more medical instruments are also set to arrive soon. The BHS will serve as the Barangay’s newest hub for primary health care services and is expected to accommodate around 5,000 residents of Pansol and its catchment areas.

Pansol BHS Prenatal & Infant exam room
Prenatal & Infant exam room of the Pansol BHS
Pansol BHS Treatment & Counseling Room
Treatment & counseling room inside the Pansol BHS

This initiative, in partnership with Sun Life Foundation, aims to help address accessibility of primary healthcare services by building infrastructures through the construction of BHS, and capacitating communities by providing free services for community health workers. With these interventions, the project is expected to benefit 25,000 individuals, mostly from the far-flung barangays and marginalized communities.

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